Lower Gas for Chattanooga

Chattanooga gas prices likely to fall below $2- good news for everyone

It was on Monday that Chattanooga recorded the lowest average gas price in the nation at $2.63 per gallon. In fact, some gas stations along Hickory Valley and Shallowford roads posted prices as low as $2.50 per gallon. According to AAA, the last time gas prices were so low was on August 2005.

Oil experts predict that rates can reduce more as the month progresses, just in time for Thanksgiving travel and just before the winter gift-giving holidays. This is good news for people, especially since the drop in prices is taking place just when people need and can use the extra cash. .

Possible reasons for drop in fuel prices

Gas prices chip bennettWhile it’s not clear why exactly the prices in Chattanooga are so low, one probable reason is the fact that the Colonial Pipeline Co., which carries refined petroleum products, stops at Lookout Mountain enroute to Knoxville and Nashville.

Another possible reason is the low tax rate of Volunteer State. In total, the federal, state and local gas tax rate here is 39.8 cents per gallon while the national average is 49.2 cents per gallon.

Several other factors have lead to reduced gas prices nationwide like the drop in crude oil prices, which also lowers wholesale gas prices. Moreover, while US production is up, its demand is low. US is today producing more fuel than it used to since 1976, and the consumer demand is lower than the production rates.

Reasons for the drop in consumption and demand

This drop in consumption is because fewer people drive vehicles today. This drop in drivers is mainly attributed to a reduction in the labor-participation work force and an aging society. Moreover, environmental mandates have lead to the production of cleaner fuel and this fuel gives vehicles better gas mileage.

In fact, while the same number of miles is driven this year is similar to last year’s; the nation is consuming less gasoline. As a rule, fuel prices tend to drop in fall when the winter slowly blends to replace summer gas blends.

While gas prices have been fluctuating and going up and down over the years, it’s been a long time since the gas prices in Chattanooga has dropped so low. These reduced fuel charges are not only beneficial to consumers in general, but also to cab services and small businesses.

It is expected that while the gas prices could get lower all month, it is expected to finally bottom out somewhere in January.


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Gas Prices – Chip Bennett

Chattanooga Business Finalist in Competition

Chattanooga Company Is Finalist In Interior Design Competition

The Italian furniture line Segis has been nominated a finalist in the Interior Design Best of Year Awards for the year 2014. Segis, the Chattanooga company is finalist in interior design competition in the ‘Seating: Contract/Guest’ category of the competition for the Dragonfly chair designed by the company.

Guest seating might work as a place for guests in a home, or in an office or even a waiting room such as that of the acclaimed dentist Roger Humphreys DDS.

It is because of this that the president of Segis in US, will travel to New York City to attend the 8th Annual Best of Year Awards ceremony which will be held on Thursday.

Privilege to reach finals

Temahome JinkazamahIt is the Interior Design Editor-in-Chief and a jury of design leaders, who will select the winners of this industry award. The consequent results will then be features in the December issue of Interior Design magazine.

The president of the company states that it is an honor for Segis to have reached the finals of this competition. In fact he states that though more than 60,000 industry experts had cast their votes to choose the finalists last year, it will not be surprising to learn that the number is even higher this year.

It was the renowned Italian design Odo Fioravanti who had created Dragonfly. He follows the ideal that ‘form does matter’ while creating both beautiful and practical furniture. According to this ideal, capturing the delicate beauty of objects is the artist’s goal, and the language used to bring out its beauty to everyone is the furniture’s form.

Evolution of the Dragonfly chair

The story of the evolution of the Dragonfly chair is clearly narrated on the Segis website, but goes this way. It was the observations made on dragonflies that helped conceive the idea of the Dragonfly design.

Dragonflies have bodies characterized by an imbalanced distribution of weight between their front legs and extended tail. Based on this fact, biomimicry influenced the idea of a cantilevered seat. These chairs have four legs joined on the front with a seat which overhangs, and seems to defy the force of gravity.

Based on engineering concepts, the structural integrity of the chair was increased by placing a U-shaped hidden element under the seat. The specialty of the ‘dragonfly chair’ is the back of the injection molded polypropylene shell which has ribs that clearly referencing the automotive industry.

Segis company 

Segis products have been in the United States market for more than 20 years. The brand was originally named Lowenstein but as the firm grew, the brand was marketed to the US market via the Sergis name.

As Americans tend to show a growing appreciation towards European designs, and with Sergis’s manufacturing plant now based in Tennessee, Sergis can now offer the US furniture market with US manufactured European designs.


Temahome – Jinkazamah

Reduced Crime Rate in Chattown

Hope for reduced Chattanooga crime rates

Most of the areas of Chattanooga where shootings are common are areas known for drugs and prostitution, or the east and south parts of the city. On an average, the Chattanooga crime rates seem to have reduced when compared to 2012.

Crime statistics show that while the city had fewer aggravated assaults, the number of shootings have risen. Property crime rates have however reduced by about 3 percentage points.

It is these Chattanooga crime rates that make most people think that crime is a problem through the city. However experts who have analyzed data say that you should be safe if you white and live in a moderate to higher income neighborhood. It is those neighborhoods which have witnessed more than 6 shootings in a year which raise a concern.

Chance to change their lives 

In a bid to reduce crime rates, the city has introduced plans wherein suspended offenders connected to city shootings are given a chance to change their lives. Those who are willing to change will receive a GED, drug rehabilitation, counseling and other resources to help them achieve this. The unwilling ones only end up with police zeroing on them and charging them a lengthy prison sentence.

Data has also shown that the areas of Chattanooga which have increased crime rates have an increased percentage of people with less than high school education, unemployed, non-white and who live below the poverty line. All these factors seem to develop an increased feeling of hopelessness amongst the residents here which in turn seems to drive these residents to commit such crimes.

Reading programs

If these same residents had hope in life, they would feel empowered and don’t commit such crimes. This is why reading programs have also been started in these neighborhoods, with more emphasis put on reading.

Crime Scene Ian BrittomConsequently, the police have also started reaching out to those connected to violence to put a curb to Chattanooga crime rates. They have spoken to the important members of gangs which continue to retaliate with violence in Chattanooga to stop more bloodshed. They were informed that they have to face long prison sentences if the violence didn’t stop, and some have agreed. .

There however is hope for the future as once the police reach out to the communities and the hopeless. Meetings will be held to all residents of Chattanooga where the police and experts will be present to answer questions posed by residents.

Once trust is developed between the police and community members, Chattanooga should grown into a city which attracts people, and not drive them away.

A lower crime rate is all part of what will bring Chattanooga back to health & wellness. Another step toward Health & Wellness is seeing the top Chattanooga chiropractor, Total Health Chiropractic.

Crime Scene – Ian Britton

Are You Ironman?

Ironman Triathlon coming to Chattanooga-what to expect

Triathlon AnthonyThe growing love for multisports in South US has lead to the Ironman triathlon coming to Chattanooga. The event will debut on Sunday, September 28, 2014. Chattanooga was chosen for the venue because it’s a beautiful city and a premier outdoor sports destination.

Why Chattanooga was chosen

Chattanooga is a city which is naturally fit for the event. With the Ironman triathlon coming to Chattanooga, it will introduce the city to an entirely new breed of athletes. This is why everyone was looking forward to seeing how the Ironman event grew over the next few days, building on the city’s reputation as an outdoor adventure destination.

The Official Charity Partner of the inaugural event is the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America and will send a team of a maximum of 100 athletes through their endurance training and fundraising program, Team Challenge.

These participants will raise funds for education, research and support for the 1.4 million Americans who suffer from ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. The event has a US$25,000 prize purse, and will be a P-2000 race. The race will also offer 50 age group slots for the 2015 Ironman world Championships which will take place in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on Oct. 10, 2015.

The swimming course

The Ironman Chattanooga will have a rolling start where athletes enter the waters for a single loop swim that spans 2.4 miles in the Tennessee River. This route offers many spectator vantage points on the famous Riverwalk where spectators can watch the entire swim while walking alongside the swimmers. Athletes then exit the water which has a water temperature of the mid 70’s degrees Fahrenheit at the beautiful Ross’s Landing Park.

The cycling course

The bike course spans two-loops on a 56-mile course which comprises of riders first riding through 11 miles south of town before starting on a two 45-mile loops in north Georgia. Athletes are thus offered spectacular farmland and mountain views as they ride parallel to Lookout Mountain.

Athletes get a chance to ride through historic Chickamauga as they near the end of the loop. The athletes have to altogether traverse through about 3400 feet of climbing through the 112 mile course.

The running course 

The run course is two-and-a-half loops long and spans 26.2 miles where athletes get a chance to view the Scenic City as they complete two loops. The course passes through downtown Chattanooga all the way through Veteran’s Bridge and the beautiful Riverfront Parkway.

The final stretch of the run brings athletes down to the Riverfront Parkway to finish at Ross’s Landing along Tennessee River. The total elevation athletes gain from the run is about 700 feet.


What about after the run?

Athletes with sore, tired muscles or over-used bodies should consider a chiropractic appointment complete with massage! Unsure on where to go? Try Total Health Chiropractic!

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